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Miniature Pancake Load Cell - Threaded Button for Compressive Loading

Model :   90610-MT-Threaded Button
Capacity :   0-10Kgf to 0-100Kgf
Load Direction :   Compression only
Type :   Threaded Button Loaded Miniature Pancake Load Cell for Compressive Forces
  • Testing Machineries
  • Robotics
  • R & D Establishments
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical & Health Care
  • Material Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Automation Machineries
  • Assembly Processes
  • Compressive Force Measurement & Testing
  • Force & Impact Testing
  • Force Gage
  • Force in Product Testing
  • Impact Measurement
  • Machine automation
  • Micro Component Assembly Tools
  • Pedal Force Monitor
  • Press Force Monitoring
  • Tablet Hardness Testing Machine
  • Tablet Manufacturing Machine
  • Tensile Testing
Description :   90610-M-TH Mini Pan cake compression type load cell used where space is constraint. It is constructed from Aluminum Alloy suitable for harsh industrial applications. It is provided 3 mounting threaded hole for proper fixing of cell. Loading is through the threaded loading button.
Features :   Available in capacity up to 100 kgf Complete environment protection IP 65 class. Standard output 2.0mV/V Aluminum construction.
Electronic Instrumentation / Software :   Compatible Instruments with Relay output, 4-20 mA or 0-2 Volt Output. Digital Version with RS-485 interface / USB output. Blue Tooth Telemetry / Wireless Telemetry. Software for Graphic, Tabulation, Reporting and Analysis.