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S Beam Aluminum Load Cell - 20210-AL

Model :   20210-AL
Capacity :   0-5Kgf. to 0-20Kgf.
Load Direction :   Tension & Compression - Universal
Type :   Force Transducer , In Line Force Sensor , S Beam Load Cell , S Type Load Cell
  • Weighing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Bagging Machineries
  • Assembly Lines
  • Assembly Processes
  • Bag Weighing Machine
  • Check Weighing
  • Food Packaging
  • Force Gage
  • Force in Product Testing
  • Hanging Scale
  • Pulling Force Measurement
Description :   20210-AL is S Shaped Bending Beam strain gage based Load Cell which is temperature compensated over 0 - 60 deg.C. It is constructed from Aluminium alloy for portability due to light weight. It is universal type load cell for tension and comperssion load/force/tension measurements.
Features :   Available from 0 - 5Kgf to 0 - 20Kgf capacities for vide range of industrial applications. It meets to IP65 Class for environmental protection.
Electronic Instrumentation / Software :   Compatible Electronic Systems are available optionally- Stand alone digital display indicator. Analog signal converter - 0 - 10 VDC or 4 - 20 mA for PLC interface. Digital signal converter - RS-232 , RS-485 or MODBUS RTU Protocol to interface with computer or other processing equipment. Data acquisition system and software. For more information, please click the following link-
Mounting Hardware :   Compatible Mounting Assembly WM-VII is offered optionally. For more details please click the following link-