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Rotary Torque Sensor - Flange Square Drive

Model :   TTD-FS
Capacity :   0-2KNM to 0-5KNM
Load Direction :   Clock & Anticlock Wise
Type :   Rotary Torque Sensor-Transducer
  • Electrical Motor Manufacturers
  • Process Industries
  • Egineering & Technical Institutes
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Engine Test Dynamometer
  • Torque Measurement in Automotive & Aerospace
Description :   TTD-FS-Wireless is dynamic torque sensor for measurement of torque in rotation equipments. It is provided with one side flange and other end shaft. Flange is provided with fixing threads and shaft is provided with key way slot. This is wireless transmitting device supported with remote indicator duly cailbrated. Transmitter with signal conditionar is supported with battery power within sensor. This is custom built system and can be offered with customer’s required specification. This system also can be provided optionally with users software for graphics , tabulation and analysis. It finds applications in gear box, electromechanical tool,electrical, mechanical and hydraulic motor testing and process indistries
Features :   Rechargeable battery operated torque sensor with wireless transmitter. Flange mounted and loading through male square drive. Combinations of - shaft-male or female, flange, square drive male or female - can be offered as per requirements. Very compact, handy and easy to install.
Electronic Instrumentation / Software :   Compatible Instrument with 4-20 mA / 0-2 Volt Output. Digital Version with RS-485 interface / USB output. Blue Tooth Or Wireless Telemetry. Software for Graphic, Tabulation, Reporting and Analysis.