We are

ADI ARTECH Transducers PVT. LTD. established in 1991, in a joint venture with ARTECH INDUSTRIES INC. USA.


Our Business

We are Designers , Manufacturers and Exporters of - Strain Gage based Strain Sensors , Load Cells , Force Sensors , Impact Transducers , Thrust Sensors , Tension Transducers , Torque Transducers , Pressure Sensors , Customized Load / Force / Torque Sensors and Systems , Mechanical Mounting Accessories for Sensors , Electronic Instrumentations and Accessories , Industrial Software , Sensorized Flexures.


Our Experience

Our 20 years experience of designing and manufacturing process control instrumentation and Transducer has helped us to establish our name in the industry. We are expanding our product range continuously and steadily keeping the customer's feedback as the base for product up-gradation, performance, quality and services. We have earned an enviable reputation and record of performance in the industry.


Our Innovation

We design our products based on Finite Element Analysis. Manufacture them on CNC Machines. Seal and Encapsulate with laser welding machines. Calibrate them on actual mass transferring dead weight machines upto 25000 KgF and above 25 TF, Hydraulic UTM upto 300 TF.


Our Service and Support

Our experienced technical management team and modernized manufacturing capability support wide growth of weighing,industrial automation and process industries with supply of Load Cells and Transducers. Our products can serve to severe industrial environments like Temperature, Humidity, Dust, Impact and Corrosion. Our application support engineers can guide you to select the right product for your specific needs. They also can support you for your Customized requirements. Our huge inventory can support you for off the self quick delivery requirements.


Our Belief

We believe in growth with care for our environment and eco system. We go green by energy saving, minimizing industrial wastes and emitting no pollution. Let us work together to preserve our home for the future generations.


Our Approach

Each and every product we ship is tested thoroughly. We are innovative to produce quality products which perform the best and are reliable, consistant, predictable and long lasting. We are ready to provide best and prompt services to the industries.