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Compression Heavy Duty - Force Testing Load Cell

Model :   90220-C
Capacity :   0-1000N to 0-10000N
Load Direction :   Compression only
Type :   Canister Load Cell
  • Weighing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Civil Construction Pile Testing Dynamometer
  • Compressive Force Measurement & Testing
  • Pulling Force Measurement
Description :   Model 90220 is a Strain Gage based, compact & low profile universal type load cell. It is constructed from Electroless Nickel Plated Tool Steel material. The cell us recommended for tank, Hopper, hydraulic press, compression force testing, Civil & construction material testing applications.
Features :   0-1000 to 0-10000 KN capacity is offered Compact & Low Profile Dual Bridge For sensor redundancy can be provided optionally
Electronic Instrumentation / Software :   Optional Electronic Instrumentation Compatible Instruments with Relay output, 4-20 mA or 0-2 Volt Output Digital Version with RS-485 interface / USB output / Blue Tooth Telemetry / Wireless Telemetry Software for Graphic, Tabulation, Reporting & Analysis